Club Milestones

A History of Our Club


A Chronology of Club Milestones

There wasn't always an Acura Vigor Club.

Surprised? It's true! Ack-shoo-ly, although our club is now a well-established "community", it wasn't always that way. The dynamics are similar to any other great undertaking—the defining events are usually the result of a single person with a vision acting alone. Think of Ptolemy, Archimedes, Columbus, Salk, Einstein, et al. Each isolated event laid the foundation for future contributors who were able to build on the past and the then-present.

And so it is with our club. Here, then, are some of the "defining events" which established our club, organized it, and facilitated its growth to where it is todayTHE place on the internet for Vigor enthusiasts.



Before there was an Acura Vigor Club, there were a few early pioneers on the web reppin' the Vigor with their sites. These are the ones who had the first vision of "doing something Vigor-ous" on the web, but they had no idea at the time what was in store. This is the "Pre-History" era of our club—these are the years "BC" (Before Club).
Jun 1998 Tominizer puts  House of Vigors on the web
Dec 1998 Akiya puts Nuthin' But a "V" Thang on the web


Yahoo!—Getting Started

Once upon a time, a young kid from Texas started a Yahoo! club for Vigors and Legends. He loved the Vigor, but figured he wouldn't be able to get enough of a web  following for just that car, so he included Legends to draw a larger crowd. It took a few months until he got another member. Then, a couple more trickled in. And this early nucleus from the club's first year is still with the club today.
Jan 1999 Texan_176 forms the Yahoo! Acura Vigor and Legend Club
Aug 1999 Petpad2 becomes the second member of the club
Dec 1999 Slimshady_21215 joins the club
Dec 1999 Ackvig joins the club


Gathering Momentum

Over the next couple of years, more and more Vigor owners discovered the club and  Vigor owners began to predominate. Vigor information was compiled and posted on members' FAQ sites. Club business cards were introduced. Club Meets were organized. This website was introduced. The club had developed into THE place on the internet for Vigor enthusiasts.
Jun 2000 Slimshady_21215 submits the 1,000th post
Jun 2000 NYCVigor introduces the first club business cards
Jul 2000 Petpad2 announces the first Petpad Pet of the Month award
Jul 2000 Frax24 joins the club and introduces (ahem) the most talked about Yahoo profile in memory
Sep 2000 Maxvp23 puts the first Vigor FAQ Site on the web (since removed)
Sep 2000 First Club Meet—Toronto
Nov 2000 Petpad2 compiles and distributes Vigor video
Dec 2000 Pikapp22 puts Acura Vigor FAQ's Web Page on the web
Apr 2001 Second Club Meet—Washington, DC
Apr 2001 Slimshady_21215 forms the Acura Vigor and Legend Pic Club—just for our pics!
Jul 2001 Frax24 submits the 10,000th post
Sep 2001 Bob01721 gets domain-name for www.acuravigorclub.com and puts the first version of this site on the web
Nov 2001 RonaldBrownJr forms an associated Yahoo club just for Vigor repairs,  Ack Repair.
Jan 2002 Third Club Meet—Seattle
Feb 2002 Yahoo! Acura Vigor and Legend Club becomes a Yahoo! Group. Chaos ensues during the transition.
Apr 2002 Ackvig submits the 25,000th post
Jul 2002 www.acuravigorclub.com exceeds 100 hits per day monthly average
Aug 2002 Juanbaldez69 submits the 30,000th post
Sep 2002 A Google search for acura vigor will list this site in the first position. A Yahoo search will, too.
Dec 2002 AckVig launches the PG-13 (Language, Sex...) "Acura Vigor and Legends Members' Club" for NVR (Non Vigor-Related) banter with an edge. It's an overflow area for pics, too.
Jan 2003 www.acuravigorclub.com exceeds 30,000 hits.
Jan 2003 Godofthejungle launches the Acura Vigor and Legend Members' Quotes Club as a place to contain memorable quotes from posts at the Main Club. ZimVig got things rolling quickly.
Jun 2003 The Acura Vigor and Legend Deals Club is formed as a "buy and sell" space. Members looking for (or selling) parts can post here. The Database has a listing of Honda/Acura part numbers.
Sep 2003 www.acuravigorclub.com exceeds 50,000 hits.
June 2004 Stef (Simpilot) produces the Club's first "Club Decals"
July 2004 www.acuravigorclub.com exceeds 75,000 hits.
Jan 2005 www.acuravigorclub.com exceeds 250 hits per day monthly average
Mar 2005 On one day—Mar 1, 05—www.acuravigorclub.com had 900 hits! That's in one DAY!
Mar 2005 www.acuravigorclub.com exceeds 100,000 total hits! Yo! We be in Da Big Time now!
Mar 2005 A sad day in Club history. Vigorgs21 comes on the scene. In Nomine Pater, et Filius, et Spiritu Sanctus...
Mar 2005 www.acuravigorclub.com exceeds 350 hits per day monthly average
Apr 2006 Ackvig submits the 75,000th post
Mar 2007 www.acuravigorclub.com moves to commercial server. Club members can now get free Service Manual downloads.
Apr 2007 Akiya's Nuthin' But a "V" Thang is back on the web—running on our new server. Thanks, Akiya!
Jun 2007 www.acuravigorclub.com continues to command the number one spot for a Google or Yahoo! search of acura vigor. We're also mentioned in the Wikipedia entry for Acura Vigor.
Jul 2007 Citing "personal reasons," Akiya asks us to take down Nuthin' But a "V" Thang. Maybe in the future he'll change his mind. Until then, we'll respect his wishes and keep the website in the storage room.
Nov 2007 www.acuravigorclub.com exceeds 150,000 hits


And Now...?

Who knows what the future holds for this club? The Vigor Matrix is everywhere. The club is off the runway and it has lift. We're flying now, folks, so hold on for the ride!


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