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A Monthly Article for Vigor Enthusiasts (1/05)


The Vigor's Fuse Boxes (cont.)

While we're under the hood, let's take a look at the other fuse box in the engine compartment, the...

ABS Fuse Box.

Located under the hood by the passenger-side fender well.

ABS Fuse/Relay Box

ABS Fuse/Relay Box Location

When you lift the cover off, you'll see...

ABS Fuses

Under-Hood Fuse/Relay Box (Inside)

The white arrow in the photo (above) is pointing to the ABS B2 fuse. If you have to re-set the ABS control unit, this is the fuse that'll do it. Just as with the No. 39 Back-up fuse and the ECU, remove the B2 fuse and leave it out for ten seconds or so. Then, reinstall it.

The fuse numbers are shown in the illustration below.

ABS Fuses

Fuse Numbers and Locations

The fuse assignments are...

Number Amps Description

45 50A ABS motor relay (contacts)
46 7.5A ABS control unit
47 15A ABS control unit (+) B3
48 15A ABS control unit (+) B2
49 15A ABS control unit (+) B1



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