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A Monthly Article for Vigor Enthusiasts (1/05)


The Vigor's Fuse Boxes (cont.)

Let's climb inside now, and take a look under the dash. Specifically, behind the driver's side kick panel. That's where we'll find the...

Under Dash Fuse Box.

Twist the knob (white arrow, below) to remove the cover.

Under-Dash Fuse Box

Under- Dash Fuse Box Location

When you lift the cover off, you'll see...

Under-Dash Fuse Box

Under-Dash Fuse Box (Inside)

...except that your fuse box won't have all those white arrows with the little numbers. Actually, this fuse box didn't have any arrows either. The arrows were added later, using PhotoShop, to indicate where the spare fuses are located! The numbers indicate the amperage of each spare fuse.

The fuse numbers are shown in the illustration below.

Under-Dash Fuses

Fuse Numbers and Locations

The fuse assignments are...

Number Amps Description

1 10A Gauge and warning indicator lights, Clock, Back-up lights, Speed sensor, Integrated control unit
2 15A ECU, ELD unit, Voltage regulator (IG1), Fuel pump, Fan timer unit, SRS unit (VA)
3 10A SRS unit (VB)
4 7.5A Cruise control system, A/T control unit, Security control unit
5 10A Sunroof relays (GS), Windshield wiper system, Shift lock solenoid
6 30A Windshield wiper motor, Integrated control unit
7 7.5A ABS system, Heater and A/C system, Option (B) ACC
8 7.5A Rear window defogger system, Seat heater system (CANADA), A/C system, Door mirror defogger (CANADA), Fan timer unit
9 7.5A ECU, Gauge (brake check circuit)
10 7.5A Daytime running light control unit (CANADA)
11 10A Cigarette lighter relay (coil), Option (A), Stereo sound system


Hope this is helpful!




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