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A Monthly Article for Vigor Enthusiasts (1/05)


The Vigor's Fuse Boxes

Over the past few months, we've had to answer the same question a number of times: "Where is the such-and-such fuse?" It seems about time we've documented the locations of all the Vig's fuses.

The Vigor has three fuse boxes. Two are located in the engine compartment, and one is in the passenger compartment, by the driver's left foot. Let's take them one-at-a-time, beginning with the "main" fuse box, properly called the...

The Under-Hood Fuse/Relay box

Located under the hood by the passenger-side fender well.

Under-Hood fuse/Relay box

Under-Hood Fuse/Relay Box Location


When you lift the cover off, you'll see...

Under-Hood Fuse/Relay Box (Inside)

Under-Hood Fuse/Relay Box (Inside)

Notice the fuse in the lower left of the photo (above)—the one with the white box drawn around it. This is the infamous No. 39 (Back-up) fuse. If you want to re-set your ECU, remove this fuse and leave it out for ten seconds or so. then, replace it.

The rest of the fuse numbers are shown in the illustration below.

Fuse numbers and locations

Fuse Numbers and Locations

The fuse assignments are...

Number Amps Description

15 100A Power Distribution
16 40A Rear window defogger relay (contacts)
17 30A Blower Motor
18 50A Ignition switch (BAT)
19 20A Left headlight, Daytime running light (CANADA)
20 20A Right headlight, Daytime running light (CANADA)
21 20A Lighting switch, Taillight relay (contacts)
22 15A Seat heater system (CANADA)
23 --- Not used
24 20A Right rear power window motor
25 20A Left rear power window motor
26 20A Front passenger power window motor
27 20A Driver's power seat recline motor (USA - GS)
28 20A Driver's power window switch, motor, and power window control unit
29 30A Sunroof motor (GS)
30 20A Horn, key interlock solenoid (A/T), Security system, Brake system
31 20A Driver's power seat slide (fore/aft) motor
32 20A Power door lock control unit
33 10A ECU main relay
34 15A Condenser fan motor
35 10A Hazard lights, Turn signal/hazard relay
36 15A Fog lights
37 15A Seat heaters (CANADA), Courtesy lights, dome light, Trunk light, Power antenna motor, Integrated control unit, Rear reading lights
38 15A Radiator fan motor
39 10A ECU, Fan timer unit, A/T control unit, Clock, Stereo sound system



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