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HID Headlight Conversion (Cont.)

There has been great debate on how to separate headlights, corner lamps, and tail lamps on our yahoo group. People have done everything from boiling them in hot water to baking them in ovens. I feel most comfortable when I have control of things rather than leaving them to chance. For this reason, I decided to go with a Heat Gun (shown below left) instead of other methods. These guns range from $10 to over $100 depending on where you buy. IMHO a cheap one works fine; don't waste your loot on a fancy one.

Inexpensive Heat Gun Heatiing The Seam

Inexpensive Heat Gun


Heatiing The Seam

Start out by circling the whole seam where the cover and housing of the lamp meet (see photo above right). Just gradually warm up the whole thing as you go.

Where the corner lamp is located, there is a rubber seal that sandwiches in between the two halves you are going to separate. The goal is to apply enough heat to the top half to melt the glue and release the rubber strip from the cover. Just go slowly and—GRADUALLY—heat and pull the rubber seal out. (See photo below left.) Please note that the fog effect in my corner lamp area was there prior to the heating. A good internal cleaning fixed this. Your headlights should not fog up when you use the heat gun on them.

When all of the seam is warm to hot, pick a point towards any corner of the assembly and use a flat blade screwdriver to pry apart the two halves. You will notice a few plastic tabs that have to be lifted to allow the separation. Once a side a freed up a bit jam something between the halves to keep it open.

Heat and Remove Seal Keep Halves Spread Apart
Heat and Remove Seal  

Keep Halves Spread Apart


Now come back with the heat gun and heat the point that is apart. You will notice that the strands of adhesive will melt like butter (see photo below left) and separation will be a breeze. Make sure the melted glue does not end up on your high beam or fog lamp reflector surface.

The photo below (right) shows what you will end up with.

Melted Adhesive Housing With Cover Removed
Melted Adhesive  




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