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HID Headlight Conversion (cont.)

Flip the assembly around and get to the three low beam adjustments. One of them is an 8mm bolt (see arrow, below left) while with the other two you'll have to use two small screwdrivers to turn them counterclockwise. I am sure there exists a tool to turn these type of adjusters but my way works as well. Unscrew all three and remove the low beam reflector bowl subassembly.

8mm Bolt Removing Fasteners

8mm Bolt


Removing Fasteners

Now unscrew the brackets that hold the low beam subassembly in the headlight. Be sure to place the screws back in the subassembly so you do not lose them. Save this stock low beam assembly. You might for some reason one day want to convert back to halogen so keep them in a safe place. Yes, this modification is 100% reversible. You can go back to US glass headlights or even halogen JDM headlights.

Save the Original Screws

Save the Original Screws


Now we come to the part of extracting your projectors from the TSX headlamp. Some sellers on eBay sell just the projectors so in that case you can skip this part of the job.

Please do note that you want to get only '04 or '05 TSX headlights. Starting in '06 Honda made changes to the optics in the lens that reduced light output. The first run projectors are much better. Sellers on eBay are usually honest about this stuff but when in doubt ask for the VIN of the donor car so you can determine what year the headlights came from.

The first thing you want to do is remove the silica gel packet glued into the headlight (below right). Just pull this out; it won't tear.

TSX Headlamp Silica Gel Packet
TSX Headlamp  

Silica Gel Packet


You will then see 4 screws holding the projector to the headlight. Remove all 4 and the back of half of the projector will separate from the front half. Be VERY CAREFUL and flip the back half around so the reflective part is now facing you. The glass lens half should still be in the mounting location.

Now, get a helper to hold the headlight at one of the points in the yellow ovals shown below. You should grab a hold of the other area that the oval is in and you should both pull to distort the shape of the headlight ever so slightly. It does take a few tries but with this bending you will be able to slip the back half of the projector out. The front half will just come out with no problem whatsoever.

Yellow Ovals Indicate Where To Pull


Below is what you will have once you extract the projector halves from the headlight.

Projector Halves


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