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HID Headlight Conversion (cont.)

The first thing you want to do is remove a metal tab on the back of the projector as well as break off a part of the assembly. This is done so you have better clearance and more room to adjust your beams once the projector is mounted. Should this be left in you will have almost no slack in the area above the projector and thus no ability to point the beam lower. Compare the next two photos; that is what you want to do. The tab you removed was a ground wire connector in the TSX setup. Since you will be fusing your setup there will be a safety feature built in.

Ground Connector Tab Tab Temoved

Arrow Points To Tab


Tab Removed

Now you want to make a bracket to mount the projectors to the stock brackets. I highly recommend use of an aluminum bracket for this since it is light weight, a relatively "soft" metal easy to cut and drill, and will not have problems with corrosion. Below is the size I used and had great results with.

Aluminum Stock


What you want to do is take the reflective half of the projector and use a fine tip marker to trace out the holes shown in the aluminum.

Trace Holes Onto Aluminum Stock

Next drill out the holes and then use a jigsaw to cut your new bracket. Try to keep it as small as you can while accommodating the mounting holes well. There is no need to be very precise yet but use a metal file to get rid of any sharp edges on the freshly cut metal.

File Rough Edges

For hardware, I used 1-1/2" and 5/8" #8-32 machine bolts (and washers and nuts) to mount and assemble the projector assembly. You don't have to use the same ones I did but these particular items work very well and I used hours of trial and error to arrive at that conclusion. Feed the 1.5 inch bolts into the bracket and screw 3 nuts on each one to act as spacers, as shown below. You'll use the 5/8" bolts on the next page.

Assembled Bracket


Now pass the screws through the holes in the projector that run through both the lens and reflector halves. Then drop a split shot washer down the screw and follow up with a nut screwed onto the washer. The reason for use of a split shot washer is to keep tension on the upper nut and essentially lock the whole thing in place. Without a split shot washer the whole thing would eventually loosen and fall apart with time and road vibration. When you get done with this part this is what you should see.


Projector Mounted On Bracket Projector Mounted On Bracket


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