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HID Headlight Conversion (cont.)

Now lay out the brackets that came with the headlights in an orientation where they are right side up and forward side facing you. Be sure you have them oriented correctly or you will be very frustrated later when this one step will throw off many subsequent steps. Below is what you should see.


Now use the 5/8 inch screws and feed them into the OEM brackets and lock them in with a split shot washer and nut as shown below. Note that the outer most holes are used and the screws should point to the forward end of the brackets. If this is unclear read all of this write up before going on and it should make sense.

5/8" Bolts In OEM Bracket


Now with the 5/8 inch screws installed in your OEM brackets place them back into the headlight assembly as they were when they had the OEM halogen reflector installed on them from the factory. You will need to use your 8 mm socket and your two small screwdrivers to get them back in. Be sure they are at an equal level once back in the headlight assembly. It is not vital that they are at a particular point on their respective mounts but it is vital the brackets are level when you finish.

Brackets Mounted On Headlights

Now you can use paint from your garage to do this next step but if you have worked on your headlights for a few days your wife/husband or girl/boyfriend will probably be kind of up in arms about how much time you spent on the car. I say get them involved in the job by asking to borrow a bottle of nail polish if you are a guy. If you are female and doing this mod, the guy who you are with is one lucky guy, so he will be fine without your needing to borrow some paint from him. Take the nail polish or paint and put a drop of it on the tip of the screws in the mounted OEM brackets. We're going to use these paint drops to mark a drilling location.

Painted Screw Tips

This next step is a blend of art and science. The goal is to keep the projector assembly perfectly level in reference to the headlight assembly and centered in the hole for the low beam area. Touch the brackets mounted to the projectors to the paint covered screw tips mounted in the OEM brackets. Those optics look pretty cool eh? Wait till you see them light up; your jaw will drop.


This is what will result once the paint dots where you are to drill out holes.

Drill Locations

Simply drill out your new holes and mount the assembly as shown.

Optics Mounted


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