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HID Headlight Conversion (cont.)

Once you get a good fit remove the assembly and start work on the baffle that will conceal all of the custom work you have done on your headlights. For a baffle look, for a plastic that is scratch-free and glossy. I went to a local hobby shop and bought a plastic tray that was meant to be used for storing crayons. You can use tin snips to cut your plastic tray, but since a tray runs over $10 and can scratch easily, you should build a prototype to experiment with. Using a jigsaw will scratch the plastic. Ideally, a band saw should be used. Anyway, I built my prototype out of a sheet of foam from the same hobby shop. Below is the baffle that best worked in my application. The ruler is there to make it easy for you to duplicate this one. Trace your hole cutter into the foam first and then create the baffle around this.

7 inches 3-1/2 inches

7 Inches


3-1/2 Inches

About an inch 3 inches

1 Inch


3 Inches

Once you perfect your baffle, trace it to the plastic tray, cut the hole with the drill bit, and cut the outline with the tin snips.

Below are the screws I used to secure the baffle into the projector assembly. I had these on hand from a previous project but you will be able to find similar size black screws at your local hardware store. I would advise against painting zinc plated screws black as it will crack and peel with age/heat/temperature variation.


More Hardware


Below is basically what you will do to attach the baffle to the projector. I just made a quick drawing (looking from the top down) to supplement things. You can use the split shot washers for added stability here.



Once you are happy with things you should do a final assembly by attaching the OEM brackets to the projector brackets, attaching the baffle to the projector assembly, and then screwing in the OEM brackets into the headlight assembly. If that is unclear just think it through a few times. It will make perfect sense when you are actually doing the job because there is no other way of doing it.

Before you attach the clear plastic cover of the headlight you should do a test fit to make sure your projector is nice and centered in the baffle that is screwed into the clear headlight cover. Also check to make sure the baffle you made is concealing all of the hardware inside of the headlight. The final product should look something like this.




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