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JDM Headlight Conversion (cont.)

Step 3

Remove the bumper. This is actually much easier than you may think.

Bumper Removal


Bumper Off

Bumper Removed


Remove the front turn signals from the bumper. Remove the two bumper mounting bolts on each side at the corner edge. Remove the six lower skirt bolts and screws. Remove the two 12mm bumper mounting nuts from the engine compartment. On the left side, remove the reservoir. On the right side, it will take a bit of time. Remove the maintenance caps and the two 12mm mounting bolts on each side (one through the turn signal opening). It is good to have a helper for this partthe bumper isn’t heavy, but you still don’t want to drop it as you have to take it off of the corner slide by pulling the cover outwards.

Once the bumper is off it is also a great time to fix any of the bolts that hold the little chin spoiler in place.

Step 4

Remove the headlights.

Now that the bumper is off, this is quick. Remove the five 10mm bolts that hold each headlight in place, two at the top and three at the bottom.

Note: some people don’t remove the bumper and have to break the three lower mounting taps. They also can’t attach the new lights here either, holding them in place only with the top two bolts.

Once the headlight is loose pull the assembly out and disconnect the two headlights and the fog lights (plug between the headlights).

Step 5

When you purchase your JDM lights make sure that all of the connectors are included, as none of the existing connectors will fit. You will find that the JDM connectors have the same wire codes as do our Acura ones. I did each connector individually and cut the existing connector off, soldered the new connector on, matching the wire codes and then used shrink wrap on each connection to make sure that there wasn’t any moisture getting to the connection. All of the existing plastic shielding is reused and retaped. You will notice that the low beam bulb has three prongs, this is because it is an H4 bulb that has both high and low beam. The high beam is apparently not used on this set-up (so only used as a low beam bulb, the same as the Acura light). As long as you match the wire codes there isn’t a problem.

The side markers and parking lights each fit into the Acura side marker lens. On my Canadian model they both illuminate when the parking lights are turned on and then the side marker flashes when the turn signal is used. I chose to install the fender mounted side markers so I simple took the connector that came with the headlight and connected that to the parking light circuit.

You will notice that one Acura parking light (right side) has three wires and the JDM light has two. Just solder the matching wires together, the two red wires with black stripe (Acura) to one red wire with black stripe (JDM) and the two black to each other.

The side markers were extended when I put my connectors on for the side markers—again some have three wires to two.

If I were to have used the headlights only—without the fender mounted side marker—I would have used the side marker circuit for the corner of the headlight and omitted the parking light circuit.


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