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JDM Headlight Conversion (cont.)

Step 6 (Optional)

Install fender mounted side marker. This was the scariest part, as I had to cut into two perfectly good fenders. I got the location from pictures of JDM Vigors, so my measurements are somewhat approximate. The opening is 3 inches long and 1 1/8 inches high, the bottom is 3 inches above the side molding ( I would suggest raising that by about - inch, as my connector hit the windshield washer bottle) and 5 inches from the rear of the opening to the rear edge of the fender.

Side Marker Location

Location of Side Markers


Cut the hole smaller and file/grind it to fit the marker, also note that the corners are rounded to match the side marker. I used my Dremel with a reinforced cut-off wheel to make the cuts and also to grind the opening to size. Remember to paint any metal that you have cut.

Side Length Side Height

Length of Hole



Height of Hole


The second side goes much quicker!

Run the wire from the old side marker location to the new one. I used an electrician's fish tape from the new hole in the fender to pull the wire back, an old coat hanger should work just as well. None of the fender liner had to be removed.


Side Marker Wiring Side Complete

Side Marker Wiring



Finished Side Marker!


Step 7

Install the headlights.

New Lights

New Lights Installed

I connected all of the bulbs at this point to make sure that everything worked right. The right light fits straight in without any modifications; five bolts and you are done. The left light needed a bit more work with the plastic piece that is mounted right behind the light, in front of the reservoir tank.

I chose to cut the plastic piece to allow the rubber low beam boot to fit; I suspect that it could be removed without too much of a problem. Once that is corrected the light fits straight in.

Note: Changing the bulbs in the parking lights is going to be difficult, so I put new long life bulbs in before installing the lights.





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