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JDM Headlight Conversion (cont.)

Step 8

Reinstall the bumper, reverse of removal.

Step 9

Reinstall grill.

Some people will install the grill with the top bolts only as the lower corner screws no longer line up. I thought that would be too loose so I modified the grill to fit better. The back of the grill needs to be ground down to fit properly; most of plastic that needed to be removed was at the top. Again, take your time and don’t remove any more material than you need to.

Grill Mods

To get the lower screws to work I took a piece of black plastic and screwed that onto the mounting point on the JDM light so that it extends to the mounting point on the grill, I then put the original screw through the mounting point in the grill into the plastic.

Grill Mount

Step 10

Sit down, have a beer and enjoy your Vigor’s new look.

Done! Ain't it Beautiful!!!

I hope this article will be of use to some of the other people considering this conversion. Next I'm installing the JDM trunk spoiler that I just got. (Seven holes into a perfectly good body part. Yikes!)

— John Calveti

Sure looks sweet!

Thanks, John, for a great article!



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