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Replacing The Oil Cooler Figure-8 Gasket (cont.)

The Procedure

Remove The Air Filter, Box, Etc. 1. Remove the air filter, air box and air hose to the throttle body.

This will give you enough room to access the oil cooler located under the oil filter.

It's tight, but manageable working space

Remove The Air Filter, Box, Etc.


Oil Cooler Is Under Oil Filter. Here're a couple of pictures of the work area.

Oil Cooler Is Under Oil Filter.


Note Hose Locations Look at this picture closely since you won't be able to see it very well during the repair.

Notice location of two hoses on the cooler. In my humble opinion, dealing with these hoses is the toughest part of the repair.

Note Hose Locations

2. Remove oil filter. Place a catch pan under the car to collect any oil that may spill.

3. Remove hose clamps. Only remove the two clamps on the hose ends away from the oil cooler. Leave the other two clamps attached to the cooler so that you can pull on the hoses when you unbolt the cooler. Getting to these clamps was a real pain for me because of the space limitation. I found this the hardest part of the disassembly.

4. Unbolt oil cooler. I used a 30mm shallow socket with a 6 inch extension on my inch ratchet to access the bolt. Bolt came loose pretty easily. Once bolt is removed, oil cooler comes free and is held in place by the two coolant hoses.

Oil Cooler and Bolt

Oil Cooler and Bolt

5. Remove oil cooler. Pull on hoses and unit will come free. Position a catch pan under the area since about a quart or more of coolant will drain out of the engine and cooler as you remove it. Use a different/clean catch pan if you plan to reuse the coolant.

Hose B (with slight bend) is not symmetric. Make sure to remember which end of Hose B goes where. The longer end of the hose goes closest to the engine. Hose A (90) is symmetric so you don't need to worry.







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