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Replacing The Oil Cooler Figure-8 Gasket (cont.)

6. Remove oil cooler base. The base is held by three 10mm bolts. Two at the bottom, one at the top. You can get to them pretty easily once the oil cooler is removed. I used a drive ratchet with a 3" extension.

Unhook the oil pressure switch from the side of cooler base.

Oil Cooler Bolt Locations Here's how the engine block looks after oil cooler and cooler base (with oil pressure switch) are removed.

Notice the "Figure-8" shape of opening on engine.

Oil Cooler Bolt Locations


Oil Cooler Base With O-Ring Oil cooler base with Figure-8 gasket and oil pressure switch.

Oil Cooler Base With O-Ring


Base Cooler, and Associated Parts Here're all the parts after removal..

Base Cooler, and Associated Parts

7. Clean parts and engine block before reinstalling. Make sure all the mating surfaces on oil cooler, base, and engine block are clean. Especially make sure the engine block surface where the base mounts is totally cleaned and all oil gasket material is removed. I recommend
taking this opportunity to clean the oil cooler area of the engine since you will never have better access to the area.

8. Reinstall cooler base. Tighten the 10mm bolts to 9 ft-lbs. I couldn't get a torque wrench into the space so I just tighten the bolts snug but not too tight. Don't forget to reattach the oil pressure switch and the bracket to the upper bolt.


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