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Replacing The Oil Cooler Figure-8 Gasket



Given enough time, the replacement of  the Vigor’s distributor O-rings and oil cooler O-rings is seemingly unavoidable. Here’s a walk-through for the oil-cooler O-ring procedure provided by Heimonator, a relatively new member who's quickly making a name for himself.

If everything goes right, the first time repair should take about 2 hours. With experience, it can be done in about an hour and a half. Special thanks to Lvmilkman202’s earlier message posted on the Vigor’s message board and this website's FAQ page.

Required Parts

Name Part Number
Figure-8 O-ring 15205-PV1-003
Oil Cooler O-Ring 91316-PT6-003
Coolant Hose A – 90 degree Bend 19521-PV0-000
Coolant Hose B – Slight Bend 19522-PV0-000
1 inch adjustable hose clamps (4)

Dealer cost for the Figure-8 O-ring and hoses were about $4 each. Oil cooler O-ring was about $3. Dealer told me oil cooler O-ring part number had changed from previous # 91316-PE7-730.

Parts Required For Job

Parts Required For Job


Required Tools:

  • 30mm and 10mm sockets (1/4 inch drive ratchet for 10mm is handy)

  • 8"-10" long socket driver to fit adjustable hose clamp ( I created one by taping a 3" extension from my socket set to the end of a long blade screw driver)

  • Pam cooking ppray (Lvmilkman was right, it's a lifesaver)

  • Engine coolant (2 quarts will be plenty)

  • Oil filter and oil (optional, but might as well replace it at same time)




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