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Cleaning Carbon Build-Up In The EGR Tube



This month's article was submitted by TwinTurboGTR. What follows is all his:

After Steven posted the cleaning of the EGR Tube, at least half a dozen Vigor Owners have cleaned their EGR Tube to find a large amount of carbon build up. Many people reported better gas mileage, improved throttle response and a peace of mind that another potential problem on our Vigor’s was caught and properly tended to.

With that, many people have been confused with where the EGR Tube is located and how to go about taking care of it. I have gone ahead and made this procedures sheet for those of you who want to tackle the job, but have been hesitant because you can’t picture the procedure by words alone. I have inserted pictures and items you need that can help you. 

Procedure: EGR Tube Carbon Removal 

Time of Job: 20 Minutes (+/- 5 Minutes)

What’s Needed:

1. Socket Wrench (1/4" or 3/8") What's Needed
2. Socket Wrench Extension (2" to 4")
3. 10mm Socket (6pt or 12pt)
4. Carb/Choke Cleaner
5. Steel wool, wrapped tightly with about 20" of twine
6. Pick or Awl

Getting Started

Two Bolts on Engine Cover

Two Bolts on Engine Cover

1. Remove the 2 10mm bolts on the top of the engine cover (2.5 PGM-FI Badge) See photo at right.

You can now see the EGR Tube.(Pointed to by arrow) As you can see, it is tightly wrapped with fiberglass insulation and tightly bound by coiled wire. Pictured below.


EGR Tube

EGR Tube









2. Remove the 4 10mm nuts that hold onto the EGR Flanges.   There are two locations, shown in the photos below: The left photo refers to the one set in the front, the right photo shows the other set in the back.

NOTE: To get to the rear nuts, you must loosen the fuel feed bracket. That is also attached with a 10mm bolt. See red arrow in photo below right.

Bolts on Front Flange  Bolts on Rear Flange and Fuel Feed Bracket
Bolts on Front Flange Bolts on Rear Flange and Fuel Feed Bracket

3. Remove the EGR Tube and examine each end (see photo below).  That black soot you see is carbon build up.  That needs to be cleaned out.  All you have to do is take the Pick or Awl and pick at the opening to get the carbon out of the tips.  Then take the steel wool attached to the string (see photo below right) and insert that into one of the openings, until the other end of the string goes through the other opening. Then take Carb/Choke cleaner and spray the cleaner in the openings.  Get a good amount in there so you can swish the cleaner around.

EGR Tube String with Steel Wool
EGR Tube String with Steel Wool

4. Now just pull the string back and forth in the pipe.   Try your best to get the piece of steel wool to each end as close as possible. It would be best if you had a vise to hold the hose while you’re doing it, but is not absolutely necessary.  Occasionally spray some more cleaner in the tube, just so you can get a good cleaning of the tube.  After the tube is cleaned, spray another shot of the cleaner in there to get residue cleaned off the walls out of the pipe until clean fluid comes out.

(Note: Spraying cleaner first will make it difficult for the string to fish through.  Do it dry.)

5.  Now check the flange openings under the hood. You will see a lead filled metal gasket on the flanges (shown laying against the EGR Tube in the photo above left). Just pull those out and give them a wipe.  If you see any carbon in the openings, clean it out. Take the pick or awl and take as much off as you can.  Get a rag or paper towel, spray some Carb/Choke cleaner on it and wipe.   Try to get your finger in the opening. Then take the Carb/Choke cleaner and spray into both holes. Don’t go nuts with the stuff, just enough to get it clean. See photo below.

EGR Tube Flange Base
EGR Tube Flange Base

6.  After everything is cleaned, reinstall the Lead Filled Metal Gaskets, Reinstall the EGR Tube. Reinstall the Fuel Feed Bracket Bolt, and reinstall the Engine Cover. Then start your Vigor. The engine may stumble or even shut off.  That is normal because you just dropped some carbon particles down the intake and drowned it in Carb/Choke cleaner. After you get it started, let it run for about 5 minutes and then shut it off. Make sure everything is tight, close the hood, and take your Vigor out for a spin and enjoy!


Ed. Note: Thanks for a great article! It's people like you who make this club what it is!


Additional Comments from Steven:

"... But, #5 is finished, It shouldn't state 'if you don't see any carbon'. It should state 'you have to get the carbon from down in the shaft too, because that is were it starts'. You would need to long screw driver to chip the carbon down in the tube out and spray cleaner in there..."


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