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Replacing the Distributor O-Rings (cont.)

"Step 5—Remove the distributor cap, and the distributor “collar”.  This collar has an O-ring on both ends and it can either be stuck inside the distributor body, or in the cylinder head.  If you have never changed the O-rings, it will be stuck in one or the other.  The collar is what makes a seal between the distributor body, and the cylinder head.  The collar goes around the distributor shaft.  Wrap the “collar” with a cloth and use some channel lock pliers to remove the collar from either the head or the distributor body.  It will be in either one or the other, but not both.  Make sure you don’t crush the collar or damage the O-ring seats. 


Distributor With Collar Removed


Distributor With Collar Removed


"Step 6—Remove the retaining ring that goes around the coupler/(winged piece) and remove the pin that holds the coupler in place.  The distributor shaft will now pull out towards the rotor side. 

Remove Split Ring Distributor Disassembled

Remove Retaining Ring



Distributor Disassembled


"Step 7—Replace the shaft seal, and O-rings, making sure to lube them up with CLEAN oil.  Seals and O-rings don’t do well when dry.  

Removing O-Rings

Remove the O-Rings


"Step 8—Put the entire distributor back together in the reverse order and make sure you line up all of the marks you made with the sharpie!!!!!!  Put the new distributor cap on.  Once again verify that your marks are all in line and put distributor back onto the cylinder head.  You may have to rotate it a little to get the coupling (winged piece) to fit into the end of the camshaft….if you made your marks with the sharpie, this should be easy. 


Distributor Re-assembled

Distributor Re-assembled


"Step 9—Replace ignition wires 1-6 from passenger side to drivers side….just like you marked. ;) 

"Step 10—Replace heat shield, replace wiring harness bolts, replace the battery. 

"Step 11—The thing that makes battery removal and replacement such a pain is the long bolts with a hook on the end always fall out.  I found out that the vent tubes for the distributor cap are the perfect size to fix this.  You will receive new tubes with the new distributor cap.  Take one of the old tubes and cut two 1/4” pieces off of it.  Place the long hooked battery bolts in place and then put one of the cut pieces on the hooked end of the battery bolt, after you have hooked it through the battery tray.  No more fighting with those stupid bolts coming out!  Presto!….a bonus for your hard work. 

"Step 12—Enjoy not smelling that rotten egg smell from you Vigor!!!!!"


Thanks again, Milkman.




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