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Replacing the Vigor's Stereo

We still get asked questions about replacing the Vig's stereo. The most frequently asked question is, "How do you remove the stereo?" So, this month, we'll document the procedure for all to see. It's pretty simple, once you understand how things are put together. To remove the stereo, you'll have to remove nine screws!

First, you'll have to remove the Center Consolet. It's held in by four #2 Phillips-head screws. The first two are on either side of the console, right about where your thigh would be while you're sitting. They're covered by plastic trim caps.Pry out the trim caps on both sides of the console, and remove the two screws.


Trim Buttons

Trim Button on Center Console


Next, open the console bin under the armrest. Take out the sunglasses, the cassette tapes, all the Kleenex, and whatever else you've managed to stuff in there. Take it all out. Everything.

Now, notice that the bottom of the bin is fitted with wall-to-wall carpet. Lift up the carpet and you'll see... the other two screws. Remove them.

Screws In Console Bin

Two Screws in Console Bin


If you have an A/T, you can now lift the console right out.

If you have a 5-speed, however, you'll have another step first. You have to remove the gearshift knob. Notice the "chrome" trim ring immediately under the shift knob. Grasp the ring and push straight down. It's a friction fit.

Shifter Boot

Separate the Shift Knob from the Boot


Once the shift knob has been separated from the boot, unscrew it. (Counterclockwise for domestic Vigors, and anti-clockwise for Canadian Vigs.) Now you can lift out the Center Console. The boot stays with the console.

With the Center Console out of the way, the Center Console Panel comes out next. It's held in with five #2 Phillips-head screws. Remove the ashtray and you'll see the first two (below). Remove them.

Behind Ashtray

Remove Two Screws Behind Ashtray


Now comes the sneaky part. Take a look at the Heater Control Amp. See the little "divider" between the two sliding controls? Well, that divider just looks like a divider. It's actually a secret screw hider. Pry it out with your fingers. If it's a little snug, you can use a small screwdriver on the right side (there's a slight recess for this) and gently pry. Ha! Neat? There's screw number three.

Secret Hiding Place

Secret Screw Hider


Now, very gently pry the Heater Control Amp out of the Center Console Panel. When it starts to come out, look behind it and you'll see a green connector. Disconnect this connector and set aside the Heater Control Amp.

Heater Control Amp

Heater Control Amp



Now there are only two screws left, and with the Heater Control Amp out of the way, you'll be able to see them. Remove the screws.

Last Two Screws

Last Two Screws


With those last two screws removed, you can carefully pull out the Center Console Panel.

The stereo will come out with the panel, so be ready to disconnect the rear connectors for the antenna, speakers, etc. Once they've been disconnected, you can pull the entire assembly out.

Stereo Bracket

Stereo Bracket (GS)


What you'll have for connectors will depend on whether you have a stock LS or GS sound system... or an aftermarket system. Stock connectors and their pin assignments are shown on the next page. These are for a '92 Vigor, so yours may be slightly different. Note that the GS stereo system is a single unit, while the LS stereo has a separate audio amplifier for the overhead speakers.

Installation is, as they say, the reverse of removal.




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