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Replacing the Vig's Blower Motor (cont.)

Remove the Dashboard Components (Cont.)

SRS Short Connector


Disable the Air Bag


Disable the Air Bag

As long as you're here now, it's a good idea to make sure the airbag doesn't deploy accidentally. All the air bag cables are wrapped in a bright yellow covering, so they're easy to see. Still, to be on the safe side...

First, check again to make sure both cables are disconnected from the battery.

Then, remove the two screws from the SRS Access Panel (under the steering wheel). See the illustration below right.

A red "Short Connector" is clipped to the inside of the access panel. Remove the connector from the panel.

Then, disconnect the Air Bag connector from the Cable Reel connector and insert the red Short connector into the Air Bag connector.

As long as the red Short connector is installed in the Air Bag connector, the Air Bag won't go off and you'll be safe working around the steering wheel.

Remove the Instrument Panel

Directly below the instrument panel are two sets of switches. One is for the fog lights and cruise control, and the other is for the rear window defogger. Pry the switches out of the dashboard (see illustration below left).

When the switches are out, disconnect the connectors and set the switches aside.

Next, remove the four screws that hold the instrument panel in place. Two are in the back, and two are at the top of the panel (see illustration below right).

Remove Switches Remove Instrument Panel

Gently Pry Switches Out of Dashboard



Remove Instrument Panel


Pull the instrument panel straight out and remove it.

Remove the Glove Box

Glove Box

Remove the Glove Box


Now we'll take a change of scenery and work on the passenger side.

First, empty out the glove box and remove it. You probably know the drill by now, but just be surethe author has dibs on any...

It's held in by two screws on the bottom. Remove the screws. Next, disconnect the clip that attaches to the glove box damper. Then, remove the glove box.

Remove the Wood Dashboard Trim Panel

The next thing we'll remove is the wood trim panel on the dashboard. Be very careful when you do thisdon't scratch the wood or bend the panel.

The trim panel is held in by clips. The illustration below shows the location of the clips. Pry it out very gently. It's a good idea to wrap it in a soft cloth (or towel) to make sure it doesn't get scratched.

Trim Panel


Remove the Trim Panel


When you've finished, you should see something like this...


Interior of Mat's Car


For some reason, Mat chose to separate the shift boot from the console, so your interior will look different in that regard.


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