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Replacing the Vig's Blower Motor (cont.)

Lower the Steering Column

Remove the clamp and clips from the Steering Joint Cover. See illustration below left. This will expose the "universal joint" in the steering column. When you see how that joint is set up, you'll understand how simple it is to lower the column. (By the way, Mat said this step isn't really necessary—even though it's listed in the manual.)

Steering Column Steering Column Bolts

Steering Column Bolt


Lower the Steering Column


Next, remove the mounting bolts and nuts and lower the column.See illustration (above) and photos (above right and at right). Wrap the wheel in a soft cloth (or towel) to protect it.

NOTE: The Shop Manual indicates that the nuts should be replaced with new ones. If you're not going to do that, use Lok-TiteŽ or something similar when re-installing the old ones.

Finally! We're ready to...

Steering Column Nuts

Steering Column Nut

Remove the Dashboard

Study the illustration below to see how the dashboard is held in place.






Connectors on Right Side of Dashboard


First, remove the screws that hold the side vents in place, and then remove the vents.

Next, disconnect the connectors on both sides of the dashboard. See photo at right.

Remove the trim caps and then remove all the mounting bolts (there are six). Now the dashboard is ready to come out.

First lift, and then pull the dashboard toward you. You can remove the dashboard entirely (as the Shop Manual describes), or you can just swing it over to the driver's side of the passenger compartment, as Mat did.

TIP: To protect the front pillar trim, cover it with masking tape or duct tape. This will protect it from scratches or gouges as you remove the dashboard.

When the dashboard has been removed, you'll see the Heater-Evaporator (below).


Heater Evaporator


The object of our quest is located inside this bad boy. He's next.


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