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Replacing the Vig's Blower Motor (cont.)

Remove the Heater-Evaporator

Before removing the Heater-Evaporator, drain the engine coolant. If you haven't replaced the coolant in a while, this is a good time to replace it. If your Vig has fresh coolant, though, drain it into a clean container and re-use it.

Next, disconnect the heater hoses from the firewall. Slip the hose clamps back and remove the hoses. Notice that the lower hose is also held in place with a bracket that you'll have to remove. NOTE: when you remove the hoses, coolant will drain out of them. So prepared to catch it in a clean container.

Evaporator Lines


Evaporator Lines


Then, remove the lines going into the Heater-Evaporator. Both the Receiver line and the Suction line are connected with a single fitting, and both can be removed by taking off a single 10mm nut. See illustration at right.

Evaporator Mounting Nut

Heater-Evaporator Mounting Nut on Firewall


While you're in this general area, locate the heater-evaporator mounting stud and nut. They're well-hidden, but if you look hard, you'll find them—it's on the only stud in the area that isn't painted. See illustration at left.

When you find the stud, remove the 12mm nut.



Next, we'll go back inside the car and remove the heater-evaporator.

First, remove the ducts from the heater-evaporator (see illustration below.



Then, disconnect the connectors. Finally, remove the mounting bolts. When the mounting bolts have been removed, lift the heater-evaporator out of the car. Your passenger compartment should look something like this...


Vig with Evaporator Out


... and the heater-evaporator will be sitting on your workbench (or garage floor). Now, let's tear into it and get our hands on the blower motor!

Disassembe the Heater-Evaporator

First, locate the following components on the heater-evaporator, remove the mounting screw for the pipe cover, and remove the pipe cover. See illustration below left.

Then, remove the mounting screws for the pipe clamp and the other pipe cover. See illustration below right.

Pipe Cover 2nd Pipe Cover

Then, disconnect the connector from the recirculation control motor, remove the mounting screws, and remove the recirculation control motor. See illustration below left.

Next, remove the mounting screws for the left side heater duct and remove the duct. See illustration below right.

Recirculation Control Motor Heater Duct


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