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Plug & Play JDM Headlight Conversion (cont.)

About 5 inches of wire between the USDM and JDM connectors provides enough slack during installation, and the adapters fit nicely into the cavities behind the lights without crowding. Give some planning to the soldering and shrink tubing to make sure the adapters are fairly weather tight. I used three sizes, small to cover each soldered connection, medium for the pairs of wires and, where possible, large to seal-up the whole thing. (This really isn't the place to get into detailed soldering techniques. Suffice to say that you want quality workmanship inside the adapters, so make sure everything is alcohol clean before you start, and that the solder flows and shines before you stop.)

The JDM corner lamps take care of themselves, with one limitation. The USDM harness to the corner lamps terminates on each side (left side and right side) with two connectors. One matches the JDM corner lamp bulb socket exactly, so no adapter is required. In short, the connector on the USDM harness simply plugs right into the JDM bulb socket, with one USDM connector left over, which can be sealed off and tucked away inside the fender recess. The leftover connector can be used to install a set of JDM side markers, as described in Cavelti. But, that requires cutting holes in the fenders and, accordingly, is outside this conversion method (even if you can find the correct male plugs for the USDM side).

When it's done, it looks like this:



Front View


Pretty sweet, eh?


Doc... that's one helluva job! Thanks!!!



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